Professional Training


Professional Training

Our dedication and experience in the services industry has helped us formulate a very informative approaches to address the skills development needs of services in different fields. we offer our services for the training and development of Library Information Science Professional, IT Professionals and Research Scholors.  In the nutshell, we offer practical training that your personnel can put into practice fast and high impact training for services personnel.

Full Stack Consulting is at the forefront of the training industry and can provide experienced knowledge transfer and training to equip and prepare your teams for successful execution of a support services business. Our customized training is provided on your site (or selected location) or over the internet covering topics for technology support services.

Professional Training Simulations
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We strive to provide high quality training alongside a great customer service experience.  With our cost-effective learning, we aim make a real difference to our learners as well as meeting the long term needs of our employers.

Software we provide training:- Research databases, Library Management and other Software

We are very keen to interest to incorporating tools and technology in Libraries, Organizations, Personal development and  in research process. Our experience and highly motivated staff is working to explore new dimension of the research and IT. Currently we have expertise in followings:

  • Library Information Science, Koha , DSpace, Green Stone
  • Information Technologies, WordPress,HTML5 , SPSS, Adobe Photoshop Linux, SQL
  • Research and Development :  AMOS for Quantitative Analysis , NVIVO for Qualitative Research , EViews for Econometrics, Stata and Metlab , EndNote & Zotero for Referencing, Turnitin for Plagiarism.
Our main areas of Training and Development

We strive to provide a complete rang of research and development service to research and organisations. Our main aim is to enabling researcher to produce cutting- edge research  organizations  to adopt innovative technologies, instrumental for socioeconomic growth .

Full Stack expert and dedicated staff are committed to provide state of the art training on complete Library Automation, Digital Libraries Repositories, Digitization, Consulting, design, analysis, implementation, integration, Technology Planning and Training, transformation/modernization, data conversion and migration, Library Website,  RFID initialization and inventory, Library building design proposal cataloging & documentation, digitization, monitor, and all other library related training.

Website plays a vital role in the organization/company marketing plan. Our highly educated and training staff provide all kind of training regarding website development, Graphic Design, Website dinging and other different ICT tools.

Koha & DSpace Training

Koha and DSpace  Library Management Software’s is a long-term solution for libraries of all types and sizes. Full Stack will  provides training for Koha & DSpace. We have an experienced professional and we implemented Both Software in various organizations of Pakistan.

  • Koha & DSpace  Installations, – For the beginners to learn about koha and DSpace 
  • Initial  configuration  – 
  • Introduction to Linux –About Linux introduction and important commands
  • Linux server set up – 
  • Key concept of Koha & DSpace – 
  • Koha, different Modules, Cataloging, Circulations, Reports , Acquisitions, etc
  • DSpace different modules, community organizations, Data entry and backup 

  • Koha Comprehensive Training 
  •  Downloading and Installation of Koha Customization and Management of Koha
  •  Customization of Koha Online Catalogue(OPAC)
  • Cataloguing MARC-21 framework.
  •  MarcEdit Software
  •  Cronjob setting
  •  Backup and restore Koha database
  • Administration and Tools
  •  Setting up libraries
  • Setting up item types
  • Setting up patron categories
  • Setting up circulation and fine rules
  • Setting up system preferences
  • Z39.50, Calendar and News settings
  • Patron Management
  •  Creating and editing member records
  • Finding and viewing patron records
  • Printing patron cards
  • Collecting fees and dues
  • Acquisitions
  • Creating/approving purchase suggestions
  • Setting up annual budgets
  • Creating vendors
  • Creating order baskets and orders
  • Tracking orders
  • Generating claims
  • Invoicing & receiving shipments
  • Creating and editing bibliographic records
  • Creating and editing holdings records
  • Using Z39.50 copy cataloging
  • Using bibliographic frameworks
  • Searching and finding catalog records
  • Printing barcode labels
  • Inventory/Stocktaking
  • Circulation
  • Checking out an item
  • Renewing an item
  • Placing hold on an item
  • Checking in an item
  • Collecting fine for lost item
  • Viewing circulation history of an item
  • Viewing circulation history of a patron
  • OPAC
  • Simple and advanced search
  • Place holds
  • Item renew
  • Circulation history
  • Making purchase suggestions
  • Creating Cart and lists
  • Notification and OPAC massaging
  • Serials
  • Prepare Bibliographical Record of Serial
  • Adding Serial Items
  • Report
  • Prepare Acquisition Report
  • Prepare Cataloguing Report
  • Prepare Circulation Report
  • Prepare report using SQL commands
  • Koha Reports Library
  • Projects. 

 Institutional Repositories and DSpace

  • DSpace download and Installation
  •  DSpace Customization and Management
  • Backup in DSpace
  •  Content Management System
  • Introduction to Linux Operating System (Debian)
  •  Basic MySQL Database commands
  • Installation of Debian Operating System
  •  Prepare the system for koha installation process
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